On The Water

Throughout the day there will be variety of boats showcased on the river – a fantastic sight!

Many boats leave from Brightlingsea and sail up the river to Rowhedge, where the crowds can enjoy the spectacle!



Down River Duck Race

A highlight for many at the Regatta! РEvery year there is a mass rubber duck race, where everyone can enter. Its simple Рyou buy your rubber duck on the day and enter it in to the race down the river! Cash prizes for the podium winning ducks! Make sure you get your duck early as they run out!


Another favourite with the little ones – Throughout the day people are invited to join the crabbing competition. You can start crabbing whenever you want, use whatever bait you wish, buckets and crabbing lines can be purchased on the day. There will be a weigh in at the end with prizes going to the biggest weight of crabs!


Try your hand and skills at climbing the greasy pole! But be careful as if you fall off, you’ll end up in the river! Challenge your mates on who can last the longest!