Below are the results from the races on the day.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you for such a great spectacle on the river!


Rowhedge Regatta Results 2019

Smack Estuary Race (fast and slow)

1st        Maria  CK 21             Paul Winter               Pioneer Trophy         Pennant

2nd      My Alice CK348       Stephen Heppel

3rd       Priscila CK437          Josh Cooper             Page Trophy (special award)



Smack Upriver Race Fast

1st        Sunbeam CK 328    John Minster             Councillors    Cup    Pennant

2nd      Maria CK21               Paul Winter

3rd       My Alice CK348       Stephen Heppel



Smack Upriver Race Slow            

1st        Priscila CK437          Josh Cooper             Stephen Cranfield Cup

2nd      Kate CK52                 Richard Haines



Cruisers Estuary Race Fast    

1st        Notorious                   Glen Bacon               Elaine Cup

2nd      Tabasco                     James Parfitt

3rd       Troika                         Alan Lee



Cruisers Estuary Race Slow

1st        Vera                            Bob King                   Barnard Cup

2nd      Mea                            Matteo Richiardo     Classic Shield

3rd       Torgun                       Mike Baker



Brightlingsea One Designs Estuary Race

1st        Egret                           Danny Fox                Donyland Swifts Trophy

2nd      Never Say Never      Geoff Gritton

3rd       Wind Sprite               David Conion



Wivenhoe One Designs   Upriver Race

1st        Alcyone                     Nigel Cook                            Palmer Trophy

2nd       Elise

3rd       Vivian                         Peter Foster and Colin Butterfield